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Rural Services Foundation | Last updated 2020-10-01

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: Khandaker Saiful Islam, Head Of Operation [ ] [ 01769005577 ]

Organization Name: Rural Services Foundation (রুরাল সার্ভিসেস ফাউন্ডেশন)

Organization Address: 116, Maanco House, Arjotpara, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1215 (116, মানকো হাউজ, আরজতপাড়া, মহাখালী, ঢাকা-১২১৫.)

Phone Number: 01769005577



Description of the RE Activities of Rural Services Foundation : Rural Services Foundation (RSF) has started its journey on 31 January 2006 and passed more than a decade delivering Renewable Energy Solution (RES) across the country.Installation of SHS is one of the main activities of RSF. From its inception RSF has install 698,431 SHS,37,849 SSL, 1,884 AC and 1,328 DC by September, 2020 through its 95 Unit Offices under IDCOL, GTZ and RSF own financing program.RSF has constructed 4,56,356 pcs ICS (Improved Cooking Stove) via IDCOL project and 4,500 pcs ICS plants via GTZ and 3,574 biogas plants till September, 2020

Working Zone : Whole Bangladesh