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Tech Trix | Last updated 2022-06-09

Organization Type : Non-Government Company /Organization

Responsible Officer: techtrixbgd, Managing Director [ ] [ 01911840313 ]

Organization Name: Tech Trix (টেক ট্রীক্স)

Organization Address: Azim Monjil,Road-1,Nuria Madrasa Area,Khulshi,Chattogram (আজমি মন্জীল,নুরয়িা মাদ্রাসা রোড,খুলশী,চট্রগ্রাম)

Phone Number: 01911840313



Description of the RE Activities of Tech Trix : SOLAR pump - submersible & jet pump,Solar cooker,Solar street light,Bio-Gas Plant,etc. 50Kwp On grid solar plant at Factory roof top. 1)Windmill 600w setup in roof top.(Coastal area of Chattogram city) 2)5Kw on grid net metering setup at Khulshi R/A,Nasirabad,Chatoogram. 3)Solar pump 2Hp setup Chokoria,Chittagong. 4)2Kwp Wind power generation plant at Patenga,Chittagong. 5)Solar powered Rice Cooker(24V)available. 6)24V-200W DC wind mill setup at Vatiary,Chittagong

Working Zone : Chittagong